Best Practices for Infor Birst Data Preparation

Efficient tips for optimal analytics. Elevate your Infor Birst game with Infoways’ expert data prep guide. Explore more.

Welcome to the realm of Infor Birst, where the power of analytics meets the
precision of data. In this blog, we delve into the art of data preparation – a crucial
step in ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of your reports. As an Infor Delivery
Partner, Infoways brings you a comprehensive guide on best practices, tips, and
optimization techniques for cleaning up your data before it enters the world of

1. Importing from Multiple Data Sources:
While Birst offers the flexibility to import data from various sources, our best
practice tip suggests keeping it minimal. Discover why a single source, such as a
Data Lake, can significantly enhance efficiency and data integrity, especially for
reports with high data volumes.

2. Understanding Source Data:
Before creating data models, it’s essential to unravel the intricacies of your source
data. Dive into the relationships between tables, understand primary keys, and
gain insights into efficient data models. We explore the significance of star and
snowflake schemas for optimal results.

3. Data Cleaning and Integrity:
Data accuracy is the cornerstone of impactful reports. Learn the importance of
validating and cleansing data at the source level. Remove duplicates and ensure a
streamlined process for Birst during data refresh, reducing the time it takes to get
the latest changes.

4. Data Transformations and Calculations:
Efficiency lies in standardizing units and formats through necessary
transformations. Discover the art of creating calculated fields within the data
model to enhance analytical value while avoiding adverse impacts on

5. Minimum Scripts in Reports:
Avoid runtime calculation pitfalls by limiting calculations in actual reports. Delve
into why embedding too many calculations can impact performance, particularly
for tabular reports.

6. Workflows:
Explore Birst’s features for creating efficient and automated workflows, ensuring
regular data refreshes with ease.

7. Performance Optimization:
Optimized data models and queries are the keys to optimal performance on
production systems. Uncover the secrets to achieving peak efficiency.

8. Documentation:
The importance of clear and updated documentation cannot be overstated. Learn
why it’s essential for the maintenance of data models and reports, ensuring
longevity and ease of management.

Infoways – Your Trusted Infor Delivery Partner:
Founded 20 years ago, Infoways stands as a beacon of IT services excellence. As
an Infor Delivery Partner, we boast extensive experience across various releases,
successfully implementing, migrating, and upgrading for global clients in
industries like Discrete & Process Manufacturing, Aerospace, BFSI, and Retail.

In the ever-evolving landscape of analytics, data preparation is the cornerstone of
success. With these best practices and insights, embark on a journey towards data
brilliance and unlock the true potential of your Infor Birst experience.