RPA – Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is the next level of automation that is going to drive exponential gains in process times and efficiencies while driving down human errors. 

Infoways offers a robust platform supported by end-to-end consulting, BOT development and deployment. Our Services include:

  • RPA Use Case Identification through application assessment, feasibility analysis, RoIe determination
  • Develop Strategy and Roadmap for Automation
  • BOT Development & Support – Attended/Unattended/Hybrid BOTS
  • BOT Testing and Monitoring – Validation, Code Review, Performance Monitoring & Reporting
  • Cognitive BOTS Development – AI/Machine Learning/Natural Language Processing/ Computer Vision


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Here are a couple of sample use cases for RPA:

Use Case #1: Accounts Payable Automation

BOTs developed for AP process automation addressed such mundane tasks such entering invoicing, 2-way/3-way matching, reconciliation, approvals, scheduling of payments, etc. This resulted in significant improvements in efficiencies that contributed to RoIe:

  • Up to 20 minutes reduction in invoice entry time per Invoice
  • Up to 15 minutes reduction in manual payment creation per Invoice
  • Higher yield through automated Cash Discounts reduction for cost invoices
  • Manual efforts reduced by up to 80% through automated BOTs
  • Higher accuracy due to 100% reduction in key-stroke errors
  • Better overall financial performance

Use Case #2: Bank Reconciliation Process Automation

BOTs developed to read bank statements to fetch transactions while classifying them based on type, description, reference number, amount, etc.. BOT also logs transactions into ERP and reconciles based on invoice amounts, etc. BOTs are created to follow your processes and practices including reports generation. Here are a few improvements that contributed to realizing RoIe:

  • 100% accuracy in bank and cash books
  • Up to 90% reduction in manual efforts
  • Complete reduction in manual keystroke errors
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement prepared in 2-3 hours per bank each month
  • Acknowledging and accounting for EFTs received accurately and in a timely fashion