Master complexity and operate your supply chain with efficiency

The pace at which technology, innovation and progress is moving in manufacturing, calls for an ever shortening product and process lifecycle. A disjointed and fragmented set of tools/systems is counter-productive to integration. World class manufacturing needs a solution that can help engineer responsive business processes and adapt to changing requirements.

Infor LN offers an integrated end-to-end ERP solution that delivers the required agility and a faster return on investment.

Infoways offers the following utility packages around Infor LN:

  • To address your business needs beyond your ERP system, the Infor Xi technology platform connects Infor LN with many other best-in class applications that can address even the toughest business problems.
  • Infor Ming.le™ – Infor LN’s capabilities to rapidly adapt to changing business needs – brings the power of social networking to ERP, helping employees collaborate virtually to quickly solve problems.

Infor LN, developed over many years of working with the best manufacturing companies in the world, combines emerging technologies, including support for mobile devices, team collaboration, and social networking.

Infor® LN offers a pioneering, state-of-the-art UI coupled with robust industry-tailored manufacturing processes. Available on an open source technology stack, Infor LN provides even greater flexibility to enhance manufacturing processes. It also features newer capabilities to ease implementation, along with innovative solutions for repetitive manufacturing and improved resource management.

 I really recommend Infor because it has ideal tools with industry-specific functionality. For industrial manufacturing, Infor LN is the best. 


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