IoT-Internet Of Things

Digital technologies are ushering in new levels of automation and efficiency across the value chains of companies, smart products,smart factories,smart operations IoT & AI are at thefore front of this transformation

Infoways helps companies leverage IoT through robust IoT platform and framework by developing end-to-end solutions to automate processes rapidly and at affordable price points.Open  standards based IoT platform is easy to use and comprehensive.

Infoways can help identify the right use case to automate for quick ROI and build pilot solutions in weeks bringing the right sensors,networks,data strategies,AI framework for right insights together for our clients.

we can help integrate IoT into your existing,enterprise systems(ERP,CRM,SOM and/or SCADA)to deliver a seamless experience through our experienced team of experts.

Request demo of our popular pre-built use cases today:

Use Case#1 - COVID-19 Preparedness & Response System

Offered as software service or an autonomous edge system, CPRS solution can be used to streamline overall operations while meeting the needs of owner, operator, and occupants. The solution provides the following benefits:

  • Temperature screening, to detect people with potential covid symptoms and isolate them for further testing
  • Monitoring compliance to social distancing guidelines and notifying when anomalies occur. These can be achieved using beacons (tags, wristbands) and/or video analytics
  • Integration with contact tracing processes
  • Monitoring compliance to sanitization procedures
  • Monitoring air quality of work environments.


Use Case#2 – Building Automation

Efficient Facilities operation is one of the opportunities for companies to save millions of dollars annually. Manual operations and lack of timely response to fluctuating demand through the day and night are some of the main reasons this. In addition, many vendor specific operational systems that lack integration across other vendor systems and lack of vendor solutions for automation leave companies with little to no choice but to live with the existing status quo.

Our Building Automation solution offers a robust comprehensive solution that can shave off 20-35% in your operational costs across HVAC, Solar, Generators, Fire Alarms, Elevators, Parking, Surveillance, Waste Management, Air Quality, etc., systems.

  • Low cost
  • Configurable systems to meet your specific needs
  • Proactive monitoring in real-time and predictive diagnosis of unit behaviors
  • Automated alerts and workflows
  • Connects to a variety of systems across all 3rd party vendors
  • Easy to use, Easy to deploy.