Infor OS

Simple,powerful,and scalable integrations to deliver unparalleled efficiency

Infor OS serves as the foundation for your entire enterprise ecosystem, providing seamless integrations between systems, a unified user experience across all applications, and organization-wide visibility into the real-time information you need to drive your business.

Gain better control of your international operations and lower your compliance risk.

What is


Your ERP solution should make it easier for you to stay within the law on the day your software is implemented. But what happens when regulations (inevitably) change? Infor streamlines the process of keeping your ERP system current for complete regulatory compliance.

  • Automatic monitoring and updates to localization requirements
  • Updated localizations without an ERP upgrade
  • Increased regulatory and statutory compliance
  • Cover the full scope of regulatory compliance

The three powerful parts of Infor combine to cover the full range of requirements you need to consider for complete regulatory compliance:

  • Integration
  • Requirement monitoring
  • Rule-based accounting


  • Faster localization release cycles
  • Greater ability to update localizations independently of your core ERP system
  • More flexibility to leverage the same ERP system globally
  • Reduced risk of non-compliance

A single platform for more efficient business throughout your organization.

What is Ming.le?


Infor Ming.le is a comprehensive platform for social collaboration, business process improvement, and contextual analytics. Giving you the most innovative social media concepts translated into a business environment, Ming.le comprehends communications with business processes to help you work smarter and faster. Ming.le taps all the years of information that your organization has gained through key organizational systems of ERP and SCM.

We at Infoways assimilate Infor Ming.le using social enterprise software to improve customer experience.


  • Increase productivity
  • Retain vital corporate knowledge
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Improve decision making

Elimination of information silos

What is ION?


Inspired by the internet architecture, Infor ION gives you the flexibility to make an often complex web of enterprise systems work together.

  • Long-term sustainability to optimize return on technology investments
  • An application can be upgraded, replaced, or even fail without taking the entire network down
  • Information is accessible in real-time
  • System maintenance is less costly and complex
  • Your business can be streamlined

By integrating a set of sophisticated technologies to work independently, but operate as a unified whole, Infor ION delivers new possibilities to streamline and accelerate every aspect of your business.

Infoways, being an Infor Partner, will enable you to access information you need sooner, take action faster, and see everything happening within your business as it happens with Infor ION.


  • Connect your core applications and third-party solutions simply, flexibly and seamlessly.
  • Optimize your business processes and let the exceptions find you automatically
  • Analyse relevant data you can trust to improve your business
  • Quickly and efficiently find and fix problems
  • Minimize program coding and reduce development time

What is Mongoose?


Infor™ Mongoose is an application development framework that lets you easily design and deploy software applications.

Whether you are an ISV building application, looking to maximize your IT resources for in-house application development, or even hoping to quickly build an application in the cloud for your own use, Mongoose provides a matchless set of features.

Mongoose gives you the tools to quickly develop new software applications or adapt and extend existing ones, allowing you to respond rapidly and cost-effectively to emerging business requirements.



The major business benefits of Mongoose are:

  • A consistent user experiences
  • High-productivity and smart client user interface
  • Access any screen as a web page, on multiple devices
  • Simplify software installation and configuration
  • Enhance diagnostics and monitoring
  • Enable agile cloud deployments

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