Control equipment costs,improve compliance and increase operating margins

With the rapid expansion and innovation in healthcare, the industry is faced with a unique set of challenges today.  To ensure that healthcare organizations operate efficiently, there are three aspects that the industry will need to keep up with:

Management of medical and imaging equipment

Management of portable/mobile assets

Tracking and adherence to dynamic compliance standards

Infor EAM Healthcare Edition makes it easy for your business to adhere to your core offering – that of providing seamless healthcare.  The Infor EAM Healthcare Edition focuses on the biomedical aspects of the business as well as on the maintenance management of clinical equipment inventory.

As a healthcare organization, it is imperative that your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system can:

Manage facilities and costing of equipment

Manages assets, workflow and projects that may call for expansion of services

Enable asset management operational efficiency

The Infor EAM Healthcare Edition helps performance by:

  • Maintaining a record of equipment history
  • Schedule maintenance tasks
  • Tracking of Inventory and raw material, supply management
  • Calibration of equipment
  • Risk analysis of every aspect of the equipment

 With Infor, we’ve realized 10% to 11% efficiency improvements, and our maintenance costs have dropped by 5% to 10% 



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