GekkoBrain for SAP

SAP Customers have faced with many challenges these days and are in need of a reliable partner to answer important questions like:

  • How can I improve health and performance of my SAP system?
  • Is my SAP instance ready for HANA or S/4 migration? How do I know?
  • Can I optimize my SAP instance before moving to HANA or S/4 so I can get rid of as much technical debt as possible?
  • Is it possible to improve our business processes while upgrading our systems to get better RoIe?
  • I want to know upfront how much it costs to migrate and don’t want any surprises later

Infoways has partnered Gekkobrain, an SAP Certified solution for providing a reliable and predictable way for SAP customers to care for their SAP systems to deliver better performance and stay current with latest upgrades in the most economical way.

Gekkobrain is a set of analysis and automation software for SAP performance, and process optimization whether you want to run a better and reliable SAP system, or want to migrate to cloud, or S/4HANA. Gekkobrain helps to Optimize, Migrate, Maintain and Transform for better business and systems performance.